A dwarf in a giant place (story)

There was once a dwarf who thought he lived in a beautiful giant´s place, he had so many hopes of freedom, and of discovering. Infinite opportunities to create and develop. –“So many choices!” -he used to say. And so many goals too.

But, as time passed, he began to perceive the true nature of the place where he resides and exists. This giant´s place soon began to change. But nothing of this place physically change, it was the same giant´s place he has lived his entire lifetime. What was changing was the perception that the dwarf has of this place, he began to develop a new perspective, a new way of seeing the same thing.

Soon, the dwarf discovers he is indeed not a dwarf living in a giant´s place, but a giant living in a dwarf´s place! And the place is restricting him to the most, just to keep him breathing. Awaken and stillness, the giant cries inside this prison.



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