Life was a woman who once sang a subtle melody. Of that beautiful melody this Universe was created. Seeing what she had created, she felt in love with her song.

She soon decided to enter to her dream, and one day inadvertently, she forgot that she had done it. By not remembering that she had entered into her own creation, things started to go wrong.

The darkness began to emerge, wars began to appear , discord , jealousy between people. Goodness was soon forgotten , and also that love is the greatest force in the universe.It is the primordial energy. Altruism was also lost, and the little that was left , was destabilized, since failing to find a balance between altruism and self-love, people started getting sick. They forgot that their own emotions, not being well managed , would overcome them and be their executioners. As these are immensely powerful.

By not remember who she was (life itself), beings inside her creation, began to forget who they were. They started hurting themselves, believing that their suffering comes from outside, when it really comes from within. But how can we expect them to find themselfs, when life itself, has not been able to do it by herself.

She did not realize it was risky to go in here, because her dream would behave as she felt. And if she couldnt find a perfect harmonious balance within herself, things could go wrong. She never believed the immense power that it would do in her melody. She did not know she would be entering in an eternal dream of gradual self- destruction, in which only she could make it out. Just by her-self.

Without knowing that her emotions were the vibrational Guidelines of Earth and the entire universe her fear and anguish, was reflected in the world, and for thousands of years we all suffered. The darkness was slowly taking over her.

This darkness began to emerge from a subtle emotion she felt and embrace one day. It was “Nostalgia”. It came from her unconscious desire to leave her own dream and prison. And she rejoiced in this, she rejoiced in it for a long time. Too long. Unknowingly, Sadness was born from this feeling and it stalled in her.

The Universe and the earth mainly, being only a reflection of Life, also became ill, and gradually the darkness began to spread, and Life, lost in herself, fell into a deep pit of loneliness and sadness. Her Melancholy, was reflected in the Universe as duality and on Earth as wars, suffering, pain and injustice. This happened for a long time, and for a long time her once beautiful melody, got sick too.

One day , she began to listen to a subtle voice speaking to her. At first she did not understand it, because the noise of her upset and unhappy thoughts didnt let her listen. She Felt curious and decided to listen, to give it a try. It cost her a lot, since she needed first clearing her mind and body. She needed first to let go all the weight in her And then filled it with the voice she has been hearing whispering to her.

It took quite a while. It was an arduous and complicated task for her, but she never gave up. This come and go of strouggle and postponent of healing her-self, took time, many hundreds of years.

After a long time looking for ways to quiet her own mind , after going through countless obstacles, and realizing that they were just from herself, as she was the one who created her own impediments , her own walls. She started feeling this strange voice was becoming clearer . Until one day she Heard it. It was herself. The self she forgot one day.

She was saying to her: “Stop dreaming, wake up now, It has been YOU the whole time, cant you see it. The answer you have been looking all those years, has been within you  the whole time. You have always knew. You just couldnt remember me.”

Without hesitation, Life reminded who she was, and aroused. All of the people and beings within her song, began to remember who they were, they remember theyre true self, the became aware of Life.

From the outside, and holding what she has created in her hands , she understood what had happened. Crying of happiness and joy she grabbed her song and stroked it with great tenderness. Soon, with incondicional love and understanding, and while dancing, they soon fusioned with each other, becoming  the most beautiful song ever created.



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